Now that you’re reaching retirement (or are already there) and are ready to move to a neighborhood with more amenities, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the most common reasons that people move to a 55+ community. It’s no secret that people really enjoy the pools that come with some over 55 housing, or that they like the extra security that comes with a gated community for active adults.

While those might be obvious, there are some advantages of over-55 living communities that you might not realize until the day you show up. Forgive us as we spoil the surprise and let you in on the advantages of an adult lifestyle community!

Instant Community

We’re certainly not asking you to give up your lifelong friends when you move to The Legacy. After all, when you purchase your new home in our active adult community, you’re going to have an excellent new space in which to entertain guests. While your previous home might have been cramped and didn’t have the entertaining spaces that you would have liked, you’ll love inviting old friends over to your new home.

But your old friends won’t be around all the time. In fact, you’ll have an instant community when you move to Cary Creek. This means you’ll be surrounded by people of about the same age, many of whom have the same interests as you. And if you don’t make instant friends with the people in the houses on either side of you, you’ll still have the clubhouse and the many walking paths as a great place to meet new people. With many planned community activities, you’ll be able to substantially increase the social interactions you have. This is great for both people from the area and those who are moving in who might have left their previous friendships in another town.

Staying social has many benefits. People who are social tend to have better moods overall, even if they claim they’re not social people. This reduces stress, which can help with health issues such as high blood pressure; social people tend to live longer and be healthier. Not only that, but being social means that you’re more likely to engage in sports, whether it’s pickleball, golf, or swimming, all of which also can improve health.

Pick Your Floorplan

Many people never get the opportunity to live in a new home. And if they do, they’re often severely limited in what they can pick. But simply “making due” shouldn’t be part of a retirement experience.

We know that a retirement home should be everything you’ve ever wanted in a house. You should have many options as possible, and that’s why we offer so many floorplans. While at first this might not seem to be a big advantage of building in a 55+ community, you have to remember that this is a house in which you might spend the next 30 years. That’s why it’s so important to have as many options as possible.

The Security You Feel

We don’t like to bring up the fact that we’re a gated community very often. But the fact is that it can be a draw for those who might be coming from neighborhoods or cities that have fallen on hard times. Just having the gate can give you that extra feeling of security that you’ve been looking for, especially as you age.

Of course, it’s not just physical security that can be improved by living in a 55-and-older community. There’s also the security of knowing your neighbors, of having a community that watches out for each other. That alone can go a long way to making you feel better when you close the blinds at night.

This brings up another point…

The Ability To Leave Quickly

As we discussed in this blog, The Legacy is a “lock and leave” community. That means that you really don’t have to do much at all before you lock up your house and head out on a cruise, in your RV to visit the grandkids, or on that overseas vacation. The lawn and all landscaping will look just as nice when you return as when you left. Speaking of which, you’ll enjoy…

Maintenance-Free Living

We almost hesitate to mention this, because some people really do enjoy taking care of their lawn. The fact that someone else is going to be handling it all can actually put some people off…until they get used to it, of course. Then they love it!

After so many years of fighting to have the best lawn in the neighborhood, maybe it’s time to let someone else handle the weeds and bare spots. You don’t need to keep the lawn mower in the garage, you don’t have to handle fertilizer, and you never have to worry about finding the right cutting string for your weed eater ever again! Think about all of the benefits you’ll have if you’re not dealing with the grass. No driving to the gas station to fill up the gas can, no risking a heat stroke moving the lawn, no worrying about the amount you have to water.

Instead, you’ll have time to take up a favorite hobby. And if you can’t keep your hands out of the soil, we’re sure there’s some gardening that you can partake in. If there’s ever any snow, forget about it…it’s taken care of!

These are far from the only advantages that you’ll get when you move into our adult community and build the house you’ve always wanted, but we think we’ve detailed some of the aspects that people forget about when looking for a retirement home. All that and we barely mentioned all of the activities you can take part in at our clubhouse and around the grounds! Life’s going to be easier — and a lot more fun — when you join us here at The Legacy, and we’d love to talk with you about any questions you might have. Contact us today to learn more!