If you’re considering moving to an active adult community, you might wonder if it’s active enough for you. We do have lots of excellent ways for seniors to stay active; swimming, pickleball, a fitness center, and loads of walking trail come to mind. But what if you’re not retired? Will you be the only one who’s older than 55 and still working? Will you be surrounded by a bunch of 85- and 90-years-olds? Don’t worry, there will be a lot of people at a similar point in life as you are.

If you’re not retired yet, you’re not alone. There are many people who live in over-55 housing who have chosen to keep working. And in many ways, that’s a good thing: people who retire at 55 die earlier than those who retire at 65. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re still working because you want to or you need to, because you’ll be in good company here in our active adult community.

Sometimes we call ourselves an active retirement community, and other times a 55+ retirement community. And there’s no doubt that a fair number of people who live here are retired. But there are many people who are moving here not because they’re retired but because they’re looking for the amenities that come with living here. Let’s take a look at what draws people to The Legacy at Cary Creek.

Get Rid of the Lawn Care

Most people have been mowing their own lawn for 30 years or more, and even if their children did it for awhile, the task probably came back to them after the kids moved out. In short, lots of people are sick of taking care of sometimes-fickle lawns, and they’re just ready to pass that job along to someone else.

Even if you didn’t mind lawn care in the past, you can’t deny that it’s getting harder as you get older. The Auburn, Alabama heat isn’t getting any easier to take as you age and are pushing a mower. If you have a green thumb, we encourage you to put it to better use. Instead of mowing the lawn, why not garden instead? Sure, the Publix is right outside our gates, but the tomatoes you grow in you own garden will be so much more healthy and tasty. Or you could take up growing camellias, the state flower. Basically, you can spend your time growing stuff that’s beautiful and gets noticed, not just a patch of grass.

When you live here, your yard is going to look great all the time by default; we take care of it. So instead of reading up on how to make your lawn green, do some research about how to make the most beautiful roses possible.

Downsizing…or Upsizing

There are generally two ways of thinking when people are still working but on their way to retirement:

“I’m tired of all this stuff, it’s time to downsize” – When some people get older, they have the feeling that it’s not really the stuff that matters anymore. After 30 years in the old house, the tchotchkes of the past that were on the shelfs of the old house just don’t have the same appeal in a new one. There’s just too much stuff, and even if they haven’t moved on from their job, it’s time to move on from the clutter.

Size isn’t as important anymore to this group of pre-retirees. While they might have had a large house for years and raised half a dozen kids in it, the larger house just isn’t necessary and the upkeep on three floors is considerable.



“I’ve worked hard, it’s time to show it off with my house!” – Some of those who are still in the workforce has been saving and scrimping their entire lives, staying in their small house and driving falling-apart cars. Now it’s time to upgrade! Luckily, we have some amazing new floor plans for houses that look great, provide space, and are easy to take care of.

No matter which camp you’re in — the upsizers or the downsizers — you can keep working and come home to that perfect house at the end of the day.

It’s a Great Transition

While 55 doesn’t mean automatic retirement, for most people (Betty White being an obvious exception) it means that retirement isn’t too far off. That’s one of the benefits of living in 55 and over community: it’s a great transition. You’ll be surrounded by those who still work and those who are fully retired. You’ll be able to have discussion with those who, like you, are nearing retirement, but you’ll also be around folks to have made that transition and can find out how they best use their time.

It Helps You Stay Active

It’s easy to let work take over your life, even after you’re 55. And while it might make you mentally alert, sitting behind a desk doesn’t do anything for exercise. Every age of the population is known for having good intentions to exercise only to never use the gym membership they purchased.

It’s a lot easier to stay active when you’re in over 55 housing. Why? Well, first of all, everything is close by. A short walk to the clubhouse (exercise in itself) means that you’ll be able to swim, play pickleball, or use the fitness studio. And since it’s a 55+ community, you don’t have to feel self-conscious when you’re working out, because everyone is in pretty much the same boat! It’s just easier to stay active when you have like-minded people to stay active with.

Come Contribute to The Legacy!

There’s just so much to do and so many new people to meet at The Legacy, and we’d love to have you as a homeowner. Of course, that begins with a visit, so contact us and check out the many wonderful options we have in homes. We’ll show you the amenities of our clubhouse and show the available site. Retired or not, it’s a great place to live!