Once you’ve made the decision to move to an active adult community, we have a bit of a warning for you: there are still some decisions to make! Sure, you have to decide on the big things like which floor plan is right for you, where you’d like to live in The Legacy, and if you’d like to switch one of the available bedrooms into something a bit more practical (like a den). But once you have those decisions out of the way, you’ll have to get ready for your transition to living in an over-55 housing development.

We’re writing this article so that you can have a little bit easier time in your transition from your old home to your new one. Most people don’t even think about many of these aspects of the move, so we thought we’d prepare you.

Downsize (or not)

Many people entering retirement age are ready to downsize a bit. They finally clear out their grown kids’ rooms, forcing them to take the trophy collection the next time they drop by! They make sure to get rid of the cabinet TV that’s just been gathering dust for the past 15 years, and they clean out the basement, garage, and attic getting rid of everything possible. Are you really going skiing again? Those are the people who are going from a 4-bedroom house down to our two bedroom models here at The Legacy.

But then there are those who made do with a small house for their entire lives and now it’s time to show off a little during the retirement years. Get those four bedrooms, because sometimes all of the kids and grandkids are going to show up. They’ll have the den they’ve always wanted, the room in which to keep scrapbooking equipment, and a great room for the baby grand piano that would never fit in the old house. Oh, and once they’ve said goodbye to the one-car garage, they’ll now have a three-car garage on which they can work on that Mustang.

Still, no matter if you’re upsizing or downsizing, there are some things you can definitely get rid of…

Leave the Pool Stuff

If you had a pool at your old home, you probably enjoyed it but hated cleaning it yourself or paying someone to do it for you. If you cleaned the pool yourself, you can just leave the vacuum and the nets and the shock tablets for the people you sell the home to. You’re not going to need them anymore!

Here at Cary Creek we have an absolutely amazing saltwater pool that’s professionally maintained. Located at The Clubhouse, you can spend as much time as you want lounging by the pool, cooking up some brats on the grill, or just wading on the Baja shelf.

Ditch the Yard Stuff

Here at Cary Creek, all of your lawn maintenance is taken care of for you. Not only are the open spaces managed, but your own lawn is too: mowing, trimming, and fertilizing.

So be sure to get rid of your lawnmower before you leave your old home. Sell it on Craigslist, give it to a neighbor, hand it off to your kids, because you’re not going to need it any longer! You can also ditch the weed eater, hedge trimmers, weed killer, and fertilizer. You’ll want to keep any gardening tools you have if you keep a vegetable garden, and perhaps some pruners if there are prized roses that you don’t want the landscaper to touch!

Learn Something New

When you move into our over-55 housing, you’re going to have new neighbors. And since you’ll be home a lot more than before you retired, you’ll probably get to know them pretty well. If you don’t like that guy, there are new folks moving in all the time!

Plus there are new activities you’ll be able to enjoy as well. If you never had a pool before, learn to swim. If you haven’t played pickleball, you’re in for a treat! If you don’t know how to play cards, we’re sure someone can teach you the finer points in our game room.

Get Used To Convenience!

One of the best parts about living in our active adult community is that you really don’t have to go far if you don’t want to. Many of your physical activities and hobbies can probably be taken care of here on the grounds, such as swimming, pickleball, walking, and running. And with a Publix right outside the gate, groceries and medical prescriptions are pretty much handled with a short walk.

Sure, you most likely have some hobbies and volunteer organizations that you’ll have to leave our gated community for, and good for you! But with all of the amenities that our 55-and-over community can offer, you’ll probably be saving quite a bit of money on gas in the car!


You’ve worked hard for most of your life, and now it’s time to relax. Now we don’t necessarily mean just sit there on the back porch and let the time go by, even though that’s certainly an option. As you prepare to move here, you can anticipate taking the time to do what you want, instead of what’s expected of you. Relax with a swim, relax with a card game, relax with a walk among that nature around which The Legacy was built. Over-55 living has never been better!

We’ve created a space unlike any other in the area, and we’re very proud of it. Let us show it off to you; schedule an appointment today and you’ll be able to discover what makes The Legacy at Cary Creek so enticing.