In our most recent blog, we told you a few of the things you can leave behind when you move to our 55+ community. After all, you won’t need any of your pool supplies, and if you choose you can also get rid of all of your landscaping equipment as well. (Feel free to keep a few garden tools if you want to do a bit of personalized landscaping or gardening).

It’s also pretty likely that you’ll be having a big garage sale before you leave your old house and move to our active adult community. Even if you’re upsizing in square footage, you’re going to find a lot of stuff that you just don’t want or need when you move into your new home in our gated community. Or maybe you want to change your style now that you have a fresh palette. Here are some things to think about.

Style of the Home

Some people who are about to move into over-55 living have been living in their previous home for 30 years or more. And if they purchased it when they were in their 20s, they might not have been able to afford the type of home they wanted. Perhaps they bought a long, low ranch because that’s all that was available. Or they found a three-story home and decorated it accordingly.

Of course, a home that was build in the 1930s or 1960s or 1990s has a different style than a new home built for easy access in a 55 and older community, and it was decorated accordingly. Now that you’re able to afford modern amenities, you can pitch the old furniture or decorating style and start fresh in your new home.

Some people start from scratch and completely change their decorating style. While the furniture, cutlery, and art in the current home might be a hodgepodge that has accumulated over 30 years, they now have a new canvas on which to express themselves. Perhaps they want to decorate in a Santa Fe style, or want to live the fancy life with white couches and a new dining room table. Perhaps they’re more of a “country living” sort of person. With a new home, you can sell your old stuff at a garage sale and decorate as you like!

Admit That Some Things Are In Your Past

You’re 55+, you’re active, and you may well be traveling quite a bit to visit the grandkids or head on tours of Europe. Chances are you still have quite a bit of vim and vinegar in you. You can do anything!

Still, will you be skiing again? If you’re a lifelong skier, you probably will be. But if you’ve been skiing five times in your life, you might go ahead and sell those skis at the garage sale. After all, bones get more fragile as you age, and they don’t mend as easily. Any of the equipment you have for sports that you know you won’t be using anymore can go as well. Never going camping again in the tent? We don’t blame you! Pass it along to your grandchildren so that they can get some use out of it without having to buy their own.

And then there’s the freezer, either the one that is in the basement or in the garage. Back when the kids were at home, you’d buy in bulk because it just made more sense. But now that you’re in an active retirement community with a grocery store literally minutes away (even by foot), you won’t need to stock up on frozen items nearly as much as before. Instead of plugging in that freezer that costs hundreds of dollars a year to run, why not sell or recycle it and head on down to our Publix and pick up more fresh food more often.

Live the Uncluttered Lifestyle

Did you know that America has more storage units than any other country in the world? One out of every nine households uses a storage unit at any given time. Don’t be one of them!

The fact is, now that you’re living in an over 55 community, you’ve gained some wisdom over the years. Now is not the time to collect stuff, but to have experiences. Now is the time to declutter, not the time to clutter up your new home with stuff that you didn’t really need in the first place. Having less stuff makes you feel more free, and once it’s gone you’re not going to miss it.

So have that big garage sale and get rid of those dinner trays from the 1970s. Are you still spinning vinyl records? If not, vinyl is “in” right now and might get you some good spending money. Take a look at everything in your basement and ask yourself “how much of this am I really ever going to use again?” If not, give it away or sell it.

At the same time, enlist the help of any children you have. Have them take their boxes of worthless comics from the early 1990s, their old trophies, and any school books that they’re still storing in their old room. If they don’t want this stuff, make sure they know it’s heading to Goodwill within the month!

The Paperwork!

If you’re like most people, you have quite a few square-feet of paperwork that you don’t necessarily need. Some people are quite good at keeping only the paperwork that’s important, while others will keep every bill and bank statement. Before moving to an active retirement community like ours is the perfect time to shed and shred.

How long should you keep certain paperwork? Here’s a good article on what you should get rid of right away and what you should keep forever. You should be able to keep everything down to about a half filing cabinet, depending on the amount of healthcare you’re currently using. (That paperwork piles up quickly.)

You’re starting a new life in an active adult community, so why not make it as pleasant as possible by only bringing along what you really need? Of course, when you leave your old home you’ll be needing a new one, so find the model that’s perfect for you at The Legacy at Cary Creek!