Now that you’re over 55 and are most likely heading toward a slow down in your career (or happily retired), you’ll have more free time to travel. And as nice a 55 and older community as The Legacy at Cary Creek is, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to leave every so often. After all, your newfound freedom from your job means that you’ll be able to travel like never before.

Luckily for you, The Legacy is a “lock and leave” community. That means that there really isn’t much to do when you want to leave for a weekend, a week, or longer…just lock your door and leave! Let’s take a look at how this works.

Why Is It Such a Benefit?

With lock and leave, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your landscaping, no matter how long you’re gone. No lawn mowing, no trimming, and nothing else to tip anyone off that you’re not at home. After all, it’s not just the gated community aspect that keeps burglars at bay, but the well-kept landscaping that always makes it look like someone is home.

When Do People Use This Feature?

You can now feel more comfortable than ever when it comes to leaving. Did you get a great last-minute deal on a cruise that’s just too good to pass up? Or maybe the next-door neighbors invited you to take a weeklong trip in their RV down to Florida? You don’t really have to think…you can just go!

Of course, visiting children is also a popular reason that people use the lock and leave feature. With so many kids and grandkids living in different parts of the country, it’s great to have the ability to leave at a moment’s notice if your kids have spur-of-the-moment childcare needs due to a career change or hospital stay.

Finally, there are those who don’t live in our active adult community year-round. Maybe they just aren’t content with spending the summer or winter here in Auburn and head out to other parts of the country at different times of year. With lock and leave, that’s not a problem.

What You’ll Still Want To Take Care Of

Because of the added security of our gated community for active adults, you might be wondering if you really can just up and leave. Yes! Still, as much as we’ll take care of your yard when you’re gone, there are still some things we can’t do for you. Pack your clothes, for instance! You’ll also want to change your thermostat, and you can set light timers if you’re particularly paranoid. Don’t forget to let your pickleball partners know how long you’ll be gone, because you don’t want to upset them missing your scheduled games!

The ability to lock your doors and head out is just another one of those little amenities that makes living in our active adult community an even better experience. We know you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with the many amenities we offer, but when you want to up-and-leave, it’s no problem here at The Legacy.