Here at The Legacy, there are many ways that people identify us. Some people focus on the age of our residents and call us a 55+ community, or a community for over 55 living. Others might mention that we’re a gated community for active adults, and while the gated part appeals to some people, we’re much more interested in the second part: active adults. We love the fact that the adults living at The Legacy are active adults, which doesn’t just mean that they are active but they are actively (pardon the pun) looking for ways to be even more active. Let’s take a look at the most common ways that those in our community are getting the exercise their bodies need.


We have an absolutely amazing pool here at The Legacy, and you can take a look at it right here. It has a Baja shelf and bubblers so that you can take the lounge chairs into the pool and relax. It also has LED lighting so that you can get some exercise on warm nights.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise out there. It engages just about every part of the body and gets the heart pumping. Plus it’s low impact, so it’s a great option for those with joint pain (which is just about everyone out there over the age of 50!). Plus it’s a load of fun and is a great way to hang out with others.


Though it was invented in the mid-1960s, pickleball is fast becoming one of the hottest sports around. While we don’t anticipate it taking over baseball or football as the most commonly played sport in the nation, pickleball is so fun because it’s so easy to learn, doesn’t require nearly the amount of running as tennis, and is incredibly fun to play. We’ll be having professional players come in to teach those who are interested in the finer points so that you can have an advantage over that guy who lives next door!

Home Exercise Equipment

Some of our previous blogs have dealt with the many items you can get rid of when you move from your home. The homes in our gated community can give you a fresh start, so you can leave your lawn mower, pool cleaning equipment, unnecessary paperwork, and rooms full of stuff that your kids have refused to deal with over the years! Oh, and you can also sell the exercise equipment and sports gear that just doesn’t work with an aging body.

After you pick the plans for your new home and get rid of so much stuff from the old one, you’re going to have extra space on your hands. Why not purchase your favorite piece of exercise equipment so that you can get your heart rate up anytime you want? You can put it in a spare bedroom or combine the space with a craft room. Just make sure that you get something you enjoy, because otherwise you’ll never use it.

Take a Walk

We designed The Legacy to fit in with Cary Creek and the landscape that is around it. That means lovely walking paths with large trees nearby so that you’re never far from the beauties of nature. There’s a stream and three ponds that are part of the grounds, all of which give everyone a perfect place to take a walk.

Of course, taking a walk can also mean just heading down to the Publix just outside our gates. Having a grocery store close-by not only gives you a reason to get out and take a walk, but it also means that you can constantly have fresh ingredients on hand instead of just relying on high-fat, high-salt frozen or preserved foods.

Fitness Studio

One of the additional amenities you’ll find in our clubhouse is a fitness studio. This is an excellent space to make use of so that you can get your heart going, whether you’re using it on your own or are taking part in an exercise class.

Living in an active adult community will truly enrich your life, and that’s why there are so many good options available. Check out some more right here!